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1) How to choose a suitable flowmeter
for our flow situation ?
  When our project needs flowmeters, the first issue is to determine what kind of flowmeter is ok for it,  whether the liquid has special request for flowmeter, secondly, we need to measure the installed pipe size where we need to connect the flowmeter sensor. Finally, we need to figure out the pressure and temperature in the pipe and what flow range we need to make flowmeter to cover.
2) To
Electromagnetic flowmeters,  what kind of liner we choose ?
  Generally speaking, the liner of electromagnetic flowmeters includes Rubber,
PTFE and F4(Teflon).,etc, For wastewater and clear water which has no corrosion material, rubber liner is enough, but for some corrosive acid and Naoh, the PTFE liner is necessary. For some very high temperature liquid, we need to consider F4 liner.
3) What's the difference between Mechanical counter and Digital counter of  oval gear flowmeter?
  As we known, Oval gear flowmeter is one kind of PD flowmeter (Positve displacement flowmeter), it can work only on gravity and without any outsourcing power supply such as 24VDC or 220VAC, so it is the difference, Mechanical counter doesn't need outsourcing power, digital counter needs, so mechanical counter oval gear flowmeter is widely used in the places where electricity is not available. Also gear flowmeter is capable of impurity Oils and diesels.
4) When we inquiry price of a  level sensor, what those parameters we need to provide to sales ?
  We need to make clear the liquid depth or tank length, means measuring range, install method, power supply, accuracy need, pressure and temp., etc, Also whether the liquid has some special physical features, such as vapor or high corrosion should be told. If it is solid particles such as wheat, rice, asphalt, bitumen, lime, we also need to consider the dust and particle sizes.,etc
5) Regarding the installation method of level sensors and flowmeters.
  To all measurement instrument, there are several installation ways which is mostly widely used, such as flange, thread, tri-clamp and insertion. Flange is the most used one, it has many standards due to different countres' industrial standard, such as ANSI, JIS, ASME, DIN., etc. To thread and screw, it has BSP and G, and NPT., etc. Sanitary  tri-clamp install way is used in clean food or beverage industries most.
6) Radar Level  Sensor  3 mostly used installlation ways.
   Radar level sensors has several kinds mostly used in industries and sea, river measurement,  High frequency type, low frequency type and guided wave type, but they have common ways of installation, such as flange, thread and bracket. 
7) World famous branded product includes
All world famous branded product includes 2 types based on source, 1th type is from branded company authorized local china factory, 2nd type is 100% imported goods from oversea, but price a little higher, or much higher.
8) For vortex flowmeter
For vortex flowmeter, best is for steam, compensation is necessary for Steam, it has 2 types, price differs, one is  carton steel body, another is SS304 body.
9) About brands product inquiry
If you want inquiry brand product, you must sent me model codes or nameplate photo, if you only sent me specs, nonsense, branded staff wont see specs.
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